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If you don't have the capacity to Dofus Kamas
If you don't have the capacity to Dofus Kamas get the Dofus, then you are able to replace them with 150 Trophies. This degree is also an chance to come back to the single-element Fire trail, to significantly increase the speed of plantation in PvM. Starting at par 180, you will be able to start improving on your previous items, to gently point you to a final level 200 stuff.

The options are almost endless, and you'll be able to go wherever your heart will direct you. If you can not get your Dofus or Volkornes, you can always try the exo PA, the Trophy 150, or the recognizable F?anor or Kwaltess. Or you can go to Dofus such as Ocher or Vulbis. The entire Fire material is actually recommended for the farm.

Finally, the long-awaited level. The list of stuffs could be unlimited, so we limited ourselves to the Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro most valuable ones. The Fire / Air Do Crit route has become known for its harm, and its efficacy that is fast, in PvP or PvM. Rather advisable for the farm PvM, in which the trail Earth is accommodated to the PvP for its extreme damage on resistances that are large. Head to the stuff Earth / Water, if you feel the spirit of a hindrance. 

At barbarous and optimized for management, this substance will permit you to handle more than one fight. If you absolutely want to play with with a mono-elemental voice, our guides are available, and will be updated as often as possible.

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