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DOFUS Cup: Cash Prize item!
The DOFUS Cup 2019 has already begun. Many people can already see that they are number one on the podium, and Kamas is falling around. That's right! In order to inflate the Cash Prize like the Gobbowl ball, three items have been sold in the store. cheap Dofus Kamas is waiting for you.

The crowd is already crazy. In order to keep the most impatient people busy and offer cash rewards for this long-awaited tournament, three items are currently sold in the online DOFUS store. particular:

Wild scene
Wild expression
Mounted with a Spoopy Boar.

You must get them by December 1, 2019 (Sunday).

By the way, I want to ask you, have you successfully signed up for the competition?

Therefore, there is no moment to lose - work hard! Kamas Dofus Retrois already waving to you.

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