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What is RuneScape gold the future of
Bad Topics* What is RuneScape gold the future of... - Questions inquiring about spoilers for upcoming content. We won't be answering these. * Back in X quest Y states Z but then later A says B, doesn't this conflict with... - Questions about specific lore questions, based on story hooks from past content aren't terrific. Theywill not be terribly interesting to discuss and're either too vague, or they are something we're planning on resolving. * I hated X quest why did you... - Unless we can invent time travel, these kinds of questions are not really satisfying for anybody to respond and the response given infrequently satisfies the asker. Also note if anyone among us had access to time travel we all would be living in some nightmare distopia with us as the god types of everything. Yes Stu.So with these tips please post your queries in this thread. Weask them and'll collate some of them. = Raven =

In the quest Lunar Diplomacy the participant is asked to get herbs, ground suqah teeth to use in a potion . You're sent into a Fantasy World, after trimming the kindling. Many men and women theorize that the fantasy world does not exist and is only a hallucination.If you inquire a gnome farmer why he needs the things to watch the soul tree, it is said that the monkey nuts/bars are eaten while stating some gnomes like a little bit of ground suqah teeth. While saying this to the participant, the farmer darts his eyes back and forth as though they the teeth aren't meant for ingestion.

(double post oops)

Today, I had been killing imps, attempting to hunt down their winner scroll once a thought crossed my own mind. As I'm sure most of you understand, imps are demons, who are canonically demonstrated to buy old school rs gold be sentient and can converse with people on their degree; nonetheless, we treat the imps basically like cattle, trapping them and using their hides to make robes. The identical thing is also pertinent to dragons; although highly competitive, they continue to be smart beings, nevertheless we create armor from their hides.Now, of course, one could argue that this is okay since imp and dragons are"evil" or even"dangerous." And that much is true; nonetheless, there are plenty of dangerous and evil humans, gnomes, and similar races across Gielinor, yet I am fairly certain no one would condone with their gifts for armor.

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