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BoilX Azelaic acid gives an excellent effect, it whitens the skin, while coping with the deficiencies of oily skin. The problem of a floating oval of the face is not always solved by the operational way. To achieve the desired effect can help special methods of modern cosmetology, which are useful and completely safe. To tighten the oval of the face non-surgical method and without much effort can help myostimulation sessions, which can be obtained in the clinics of cosmetology and plastic surgery. This type of hardware cosmetology involves the use of special impulse currents that restore the oval of the face and make the chin elastic. The necessary effect of such a procedure occurs after about 10 sessions and lasts for 3 months. Another effective way to correct facial contours is microcurrent therapy, which consists in the use of weak pulsed discharges of electric current. Microcurrents stimulate cellular metabolism under the skin and improve blood circulation, which stabilizes the skin condition and tone the muscles of the face, removes stagnant fluids. Thanks to this, the necessary face lifting effect is achieved with the formation of its beautiful oval. Microcurrent therapy is also carried out in courses that provide a lasting effect from the procedure. Various cosmetics also help create a lifting effect. Similar face lifting can be deep and superficial. In the case of deep lifting, the effect is achieved through the frequent use of the appropriate cosmetic products for a certain time (from 3 months or more). With the superficial method, the creation of the thinnest films on the surface of the face occurs, which helps to tighten the skin and form the correct oval of the face. The creation of an ideal oval of the face is also facilitated by lymphatic drainage, a lymph cleansing procedure that prevents stagnation in the lymph nodes on the face and neck. Hardware and manual lymphatic drainage of the face is an excellent tool for eliminating bags under the eyes, swelling and swelling of the face, which lead to a violation of the shape of the face. Pimples at the back can appear each because of insufficient cleansing of the pores and skin, and due to health problems, for example, with hormonal failure. The trouble is specifically acute inside the summer time, while dust provokes new rashes.
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